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"Awakening" Video-Behind the Scenes

This past Sunday, June 4th, 2017, pop dance artist Taylor X and her Atlanta production and management team formed together to produce an amazing new music video to her up and coming single, "Awakening". "I had such a wonderful time. Everyone on set was either a dancer, producer, singer or some form of creative artist so it brought so much more positive energy into the making of the video that it turned out to be an unbelievably magical experience. Everyone involved rose to the occasion and performed A plus quality work! ", says pop artist. We made the shoot an industry event so there were magazines, interviews, dancers, singers, artists, songwriters, producers, PR, all here networking. There are so many shout outs to be made. The team makes the dream and we really "clicked" and we each brought our own talents to bump up the level of the project. It was a very rainy day, but Taylor was hoping for rain for the final scene. In the end, TX and her dancers were performing the choreography in the rain in front of the graffiti painted warehouse which made for a really cool ending and nice cool down to a hot and humid day.

Check out the behind the scenes pictures we've posted and stay tuned for the music video!!!

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Management: Icon Music Group - Barry Ladd, Teddy Bishop, Latoya London

Director & Videography: Brandon Keith

Producer: Beyond the Steps - Princess Mbanuzue

Casting: Beyond the Steps - @BeyondCasting

Choreographer: Naeemah McCowan

Assistant choreographer: Xavier Wilcher

Style: Taylor X, Ladi Roc from Rocyourstyle, RDC Magazine

Make-up: Eyeconic Artistry - Taylor P.

Dancers: Calan Bryant, Audri Wooten, Ahmed Zakzouk, Ashleigh Nyee, Daquan (Day Day) Williams, Charles Guy, Elise Markell, Nate Finley, Nicole Kennedy Thomas, Chris Plunkett