ABOut me.

Taylor X is a fiery pop dance artist, radiantly writing her own story with a versatile creativity, fierce “go big or go home” attitude, unapologetic uniqueness and resiliency. Her artistry stems from singing, songwriting, dance, choreography, gymnastics, martial arts, costume design, and high involvement in creative direction for her music videos. Her theatrical and dramatic shows are highly dance driven and she loves to involve themes like superheroism, female empowerment, overcoming adversity, thriving and evolving. Taylor’s music is edgy & bold and with her powerhouse vocals and spunky attitude, she's all pop diva. Taylor began performing at the age of 5. She began training in vocals, competitive gymnastics, dance, and piano. She recorded her 1st cover album at age 9 and her second at age 13 that included 3 originals. In highschool, she began teaching dance and choreography to dance & cheer teams as well as teaching hip hop and jazz classes. Dance and acrobatics remain a prominent skill incorporated in her artistry. Aside from Taylor’s entertainment career, she attended college and attained a doctor of pharmacy degree from Appalachian College of Pharmacy and is currently a Board of Tennessee licensed pharmacist. Some people may assume the "X" in her stage name means something provocative. But being a pharmacist, she puts the X in Rx. She moved to Nashville after graduation to practice pharmacy and simultaneously developed the artist currently known as "Taylor X". In 2016, she released her independent electro pop dance LP album, "No Filter", and has since released multiple singles and music videos. Her music video, “Fire”, plays in fitness gyms around the nation. Her single, “No Touchy”, hit #1 on New music Weekly’s AC/HotAC radio chart format, #7 Hot 100 format and #34 Top 40 format In 2017, Taylor X was honored with the acceptance of Pop/Contemporary Entertainer of the Year at the annual Josie Music Awards and was nominated for the Hollywood Music in Media Awards in the pop category for her track "Basics". She is also a proud voting member of the Recording Academy for the GRAMMY’s. As a melanoma cancer survivor her self, she is an advocate for skin cancer awareness and early detection. Beating odds and persevering, Taylor X is a force to be reckoned with! Dare to dream and never settle. This is the way of the “X”.


Charlie Feldman-BMI- Vice President New York: 

"Taylor X is a real contender- she has a great voice, knows how to write strong songs, she is a hard worker with a lot of passion!!!"

Bernard Porter-PCG Universal CEO/Founder:

"Taylor X envelopes the raw talent, the work ethic and the creative vision to succeed in today's music industry."

Shane Sparks- Choreographer (“You got Served” /SYTYCD/America’s Best Dance Crew)

"Taylor X is one of the hardest working females in the industry today. She sings, dances, and writes, something you don't see in artist's today. Her drive is inspirational. It made me want to work harder. Financing her own projects shows her dedication and confidence in herself. Any label, manager or corporation would be very happy to have her on their team. Taylor is the Future!"

Robert Williams- WBA Entertainment CEO:

"Taylor X comes to the music scene with a hip,current and provocative show and style , all delivered with quality and class."

James Zumwalt- Entertainment Senior Partner Attorney at Zumwalt,Alman & Hayes PLLC:

"Taylor X has developed a completely unique live entertainment persona and that closest I could make in comparison would be Lady Gaga.  She is destined for fame and fortune. I enjoyed listening to Taylor X's new music.  Her sound is certainly very contemporary in pop and EMD culture.  She’s obviously been working very hard.  Congratulations to Taylor X."